I love that delightful mix of rustic and elegant in a room. The gilded French chair with a chipping table next to it. A burlap covered seat with an aubusson pillow. A chandelier in every room; even if it’s a closet or a hallway. Everyday elegance; like setting a table with vintage china and fine stemware and an abundance of beautiful blooms is a favorite thing. Especially if it’s on an old weathered farm table in the middle of the woods with a chandelier hanging from the branches. I love creating that ambiance and inviting the conversations and laughs to linger a bit longer. You can find more on my blog French Country Cottage where I share decorating, DIY renovations and projects and french cottage inspired living.

Woodland Cottage

Imagine spending Christmas with your family at a cabin in the woods, far away from the distractions of work. Ahhhhh. No buzzing cell phones, no email notifications, no blaring TV — just the sound of snowflakes blowing onto the windows and icicles dropping from the eaves, while family plays games together under the tree. For many, however, disconnecting from the modern world and retreating to a snowed-in cabin isn’t practical this season. But with a little inspiration and creativity, you can still bring the magic of a woodland cottage to your home for the holidays.

For this rustic yet sophisticated woodland cottage look, begin with the Colorado Mountain Spruce tree. Its dense, realistic-looking foliage and warm green color complements any Christmas decor, and provides a nice backdrop for this look’s signature sparkly white and silver ornaments. For the rustic feel in the photos seen here, add woodsy touches like pine cones, berries, twigs, and icicle decorations to the branches. Include a few accents from the Woodland Ornament Set for additional charm.

What inspired you to decorate your tree in a rustic woodland theme?

I just wanted something that felt more natural, and pinecones and twigs came to mind.

How do you choose which elements to use along with the ornaments?

I thought of the outdoors and bringing some of those elements in.

What’s your favorite part of decorating this tree?

I would say the pinecones. I love the look of them tucked into the branches.

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