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I grew up watching old movies. I was inspired by the styles and femininity of the past. Nothing seemed more glamorous to me than Vivien Leigh sweeping down a staircase, Grace Kelly wearing white gloves with a black cocktail dress or Audrey Hepburn outside of Tiffany’s. Hours were spent designing my own creations and dreaming of wearing all the apparel my fingers could sketch. Today I have the honor of offering collections of my clothing, bags, art, jewelry and vintage pieces that tell a story.  I have always been a teacher at heart and It has been one of my greatest joys to connect with women through teaching art online and around the world.  Watching women connect with their authentic gifts and watching those gifts unfold has been the most fulfilling parts of my career to date.  My journey of following my heart and truly beginning to use my gifts has been a winding road of learning and growing.  Thank you for joining me. You can see more of my decor inspirations on my website,

A Vintage Treasures Tree

How tall is your tree?
It is 6 feet tall.

What mix of ornaments did you use for this tree?
I used predominantly vintage pieces collected from my travels to France. I hung vintage French laundry labels as the garland, and added buttons, well-loved ornaments collected over time, red ribbon, handmade ornaments with glass glitter, and even a few vintage paintbrushes because this tree is in my art studio.

How many ornaments did you use to achieve this look?
There were approximately 50 ornaments on the tree.

How much garland/ribbon did it take to cover the tree?
I used approximately 10 yards of garland.

How did you decide on the decorating theme of your tree?
I am very minimal in my holiday decorating and truly decorate the most with well-loved items and greenery. I like to use what I have and to make the tree just an extension of the rest of the style throughout the home, which is eclectic and artistic.

Is there a story on a signature ornament you’d like to share with us?
While I was in the Normandy region a few years ago, I came across a market that had the most unique chore name sticks for the nuns of a convent. I bought as many as I could. Some were rather large but a few of the smaller ones I have included on this tree. I tied simple string on them, and seeing them each day over the holidays was a reminder of a sweet trip to France.

Is there something different you did for this tree that you particularly like?
I liked that I didn’t buy anything new and just used vintage items and ornaments I had collected. I think that so often we can rush out to purchase new things when what we already have would work even better.

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