I love that delightful mix of rustic and elegant in a room. The gilded French chair with a chipping table next to it. A burlap covered seat with an aubusson pillow. A chandelier in every room; even if it’s a closet or a hallway. Everyday elegance; like setting a table with vintage china and fine stemware and an abundance of beautiful blooms is a favorite thing. Especially if it’s on an old weathered farm table in the middle of the woods with a chandelier hanging from the branches. I love creating that ambiance and inviting the conversations and laughs to linger a bit longer. You can find more on my blog French Country Cottage where I share decorating, DIY renovations and projects and french cottage inspired living.

Simple Vintage

Sometimes less really is more — yes, even during such a festive holiday as Christmas. With this charming, simple vintage styling, you can easily blend a traditional look with a fresh and understated decorating approach.

Begin with a 7-foot Blue Spruce, then dot the tree with just a few embellishments. I used the red ornaments from the Noel Ornament Set. This creates a dramatic look which still allows the tree’s personality to shine through.

What made you decide to decorate this space with a simple vintage look?

This tree is the BH Blue Spruce, and so I really wanted to keep the decor simpler and let the foliage and twinkling lights be the decoration.

How did you go about choosing ornaments for this theme?

I decided on just pale blue and a couple of small red ornaments for the tree, to play on a traditional vintage Christmas color and look.

Is there a specific area you’re fond of in this room?

I love the bed area with the antique door headboard, and since it is a small guest bedroom, it is decorated fairly quietly.

Is there a trick you can share for decorating a vintage theme?

Don’t be afraid to let old and new pieces mingle. Bring that old door in as a headboard and use a modern brass lamp on the night stand. If everything in the room is vintage it can feel a little dated, so combine items to create a beautiful and balanced whole.

Is there anything special about this tree you’d like to discuss that you haven’t already?

I love the blue color on the foliage – it is gorgeous and a perfect backdrop for ornaments.

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