Lori Maldonado

Lori Maldonado

Upon earning her Master’s of Education, Lori Maldonado promoted country music on Nashville’s Music Row and later tour managed artists. Now married to bass player and vocalist, Hector Maldonado of Train, Lori’s focus is on supporting Hector with his tour schedule and taking care of their baby dachshund, Emmy!

Silver and Burgundy Music-Themed Tree

How tall is your tree? And what type of Balsam Hill tree is it?
It’s a 10 Foot Vermont White Spruce with Easy Plug™ set-up with Color+Clear™ lights.

Which of its features did you like the most?
Whether guests and family are nestled near the tree or stealing a quick glance from the staircase, the tree exudes realism from every vantage point.

What mix of ornaments did you use for this tree?
The tree’s décor compliments the living room while showcasing milestones from our lives.

For the foundation, we hung ornaments in varied shapes, sizes, in shades of gold and burgundy. Then we added the conversation pieces; our mix of collected figurines of everything from dachshunds to guitars.

Embellished treasures and other blown glass pieces brought texture and depth to the design. Metallic icicles, ribbons, and glittered poinsettias filled gaps and added a different dimension. Finally, the oversized bow topper is surrounded with gold spirals and floral picks.

How many ornaments did it take to achieve this look?
The number grows with every year. I just purchased another set from Balsam Hill’s online sale!

How did you decide on the decorating theme for your tree?
Our tree is reflective of our home décor and personalities.

Is there a story on a signature ornament that you would like to share?
2015 was our first Christmas as newlyweds! To commemorate our nuptials, I purchased a variety of ornaments from handmade custom ceramics to department store crystal.

Aside from traditional ornaments, what do you normally use to decorate your tree?
Since the Balsam Hill tree is constructed with the highest quality materials, its durability allowed for heavy ornaments to dangle without sagging the branches. Brilliant design!

Are there any tried-and-tested tree decorating tips that you’d like to share?
Get a set of ornaments from Balsam Hill. They’ve made it easy and everything you need to enhance your tree’s décor is in their curated sets. When hanging them up, green floral wire makes uncooperative ornaments stay securely in place.

For the top of your tree, make a big impact by having your local craft or design store create a custom bow topper for you. Also, connect your tree lights to your security system’s smartphone app so you can control them from across the pond or from bed!

Take photographs along the way to review and improve your design.

When you’re ready to pack up, wrap ribbon back around empty spools. It helps keep the curl and protects them from damage.

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