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Lou Archell

Lou Archell is a writer, photographer, editor, and stylist with appeal and influence spanning multiple media platforms. She started Littlegreenshed, together with her husband Dan Taylor. Littlegreenshed is a blog that focuses on interiors, seasonal living, the outdoors, and travel adventures with their family. It is instantly recognisable for its easy-living photographic style.

Scandinavian Woodland

For a different approach to your Christmas tree decorating, opt for a minimalist Scandinavian Woodland style that blends effortlessly into any type of setting.

Inspired by majestic mountain woodlands, the European Fir tree is sparse by design and features spacious gaps between branches to give ample room to showcase your precious ornaments. Decorate the tree using the French Country Bauble Set. Start with the larger pieces, then add the smaller ones to fill in the spaces. Make sure that the different colors and types are spread out evenly.

Add a personal touch with some handmade pieces that complement your color scheme. Place the tree into a hand-woven, and add a faux fur blanket and gifts wrapped in brown wrapping paper to complete the woodland look.

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