Gloribell Lebron

Gloribell has always had a passion for design. She channelled this love for color and symmetry into being a graphic designer for more than 15 years, before turning to interior decorating as another way of expressing her creativity. She shares her knowledge of design and knack for elegant styling on her blog, I Don’t Know How She Does It.

A Rustic Tree with a Modern Twist

Which Balsam Hill tree did you decorate and what feature did you like most about it?

I decorated the Bellevue Spruce tree, and what I loved the most about this tree besides its real life appearance was its width. Living in a small house, every corner is much appreciated, and this tree didn’t take up much space but still was able to make a big impact.

What ornaments did you use to adorn the tree? Did you have any particular favorites?

I used the French Country Ornament set and my favorite finish was the foil one.

Where do you get your decorating inspiration from?

I usually get my inspiration from Pinterest and magazines. But also nature, and I always try to incorporate these elements in my tree decor.

Do you have special techniques when decorating a tree?

I try to keep it simple and minimal because I love admiring the real life look of the tree. I don’t like to stuff it up with unnecessary accessories because I believe it might take away from the beauty of the tree.

How would you describe your finished look?

My finished look was a balance of natural decor enhanced by the shiny surfaces of the ornaments that gave my tree a contemporary approach.

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