Brad Schmidt

Brad Schmidt AIFD, CFD

An acclaimed floral artist and holiday design mastermind, Brad Schmidt builds bold and beautiful arrangements for any occasion. He has designed massive floral events for award shows, corporate parties, celebrity functions and residences, showrooms, and even floral shops. Using fresh and artificial products, Brad creates jaw-dropping floral décor for companies all over the world. His magic touch and rare talent allow him to produce stunning arrangements that evoke a feeling of wonder.

Napa Jewel Christmas Tree

What Balsam Hill tree did you decorate for this theme and how did you start decorating it?
I decorated the California Baby Redwood tree, and I began by envisioning a distinctive tree topper that could hold its own against this stately tree. I then worked my way downwards from there.

How did you go about creating the customized tree topper?
I made a base using the beautifully textured Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon, forming a tight croissant roll to create a foundation on which I could add other embellishments. I added the Gilded Leaves Picks and the Mini Purple Poinsettia Picks, because their colors worked well with the ribbon and ornaments. I positioned them evenly at the top and arranged them to cascade down like a waterfall statement.

What mix of ornaments was used?
I used the Napa Jewel Glass Ornament Set. It provides a great deal of visual interest because it’s a collection made up of pieces in different shapes, textures, and sizes. It features a beautiful combination of jewel tones as well – very unique and very Napa Valley.

What decorating techniques did you use for the rest of the tree?
I cascaded the ribbon down all the way from the topper. I then placed it in even intervals around the tree, and I filled in the gaps with ornaments and Gold Bouquet Picks. I made sure that the ornaments, picks, and ribbons are perfectly balanced so that the finished product is a sophisticated tree bursting with color, without being over the top.


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