Clara Enriquez

Clara Enriquez

Clara has a Fine Arts Bachelors Degree in Advertising , and while studying started working as a head designer at a fashion establishment in the Philippines, where she grew up. She moved to the US two years after graduating and got married. This stay-at-home mom of two plus a yorkie shares that family is her priority, though she always finds ways to express her creativity while at home. She loves to travel and see new places, spend time with family, work out, run, and do yoga. Clara is also one of the 2016 winners of Balsam Hill’s annual Christmas tree photo contest.

Elegant in Silver and Gold

Which Balsam Hill tree did you decorate and what feature did you like most about it?

I couldn’t be happier with what we decided to buy from Balsam Hill’s selection. I decorated a 10-foot pre-lit BH Fraser Fir and had so much fun with it. Its realism, vibrant green foliage, and color sheen are the features I most like!

What ornaments did you use? Did you have any particular favorites?

I use an assortment of ornaments (thousands of them!) bought from different places and picked from travels. My favorites are my birds & butterflies ornaments, and the whimsical musical instruments.

Where do you get your decorating inspiration from?

I wanted a Christmas tree that’s a little whimsical and modern but still traditional, without using the red and green colors and ribbons that we almost always see in Christmas trees. Inspiration came from the bird & butterfly ornaments, and sparkly twigs and branches (It took numerous trips to the arts and crafts store for those!).

Do you have special techniques when decorating a tree?

Nope. All I needed was a lot of enthusiasm and a million ornaments!

How would you describe your finished look?

A really beautiful & whimsical tree that everyone who came to my house gushed over and admired. Of course I told them my tree is a Balsam Hill!

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