Jim and Christina Butcher

Jim and Christina are the husband and wife duo behind the quirky lifestyle and travel blog, Mr. and Mrs. Romance. Their love story began when they met by chance in 2000. They realized they shared a lot of common insights and interests – and the rest is history. Their site is an avenue for them to share their joy of travel, love of good food and drink, passion for photography, and much more.

An Eclectic Travel-Themed Tree

Which Balsam Hill tree did you decorate and what feature did you like most about it?

We love our Balsam Hill Monterey Pine Christmas tree. Even though it’s an artificial tree, it’s so lifelike you’d hardly know. It certainly settles a long-standing argument we have every year about whether we should get a real tree or a fake one. Christina was brought up with real trees while I always had artificial ones. This is the best of both worlds.

Apart from looking so real, the thing about this tree I love the most is how easy it is to assemble and decorate. I think that’s because the lights are integral to the tree and the power coupling runs through the trunk, so there’s minimal cabling on show and no tangles. It’s a stroke of genius.

What ornaments did you use to adorn the tree? Did you have any particular favorites?

Every year we like to change up our tree decorations a little. One year we decided to go for a hot pink theme, which was different! This Christmas – because our new Balsam Hill tree is so beautiful – we decided to be quite sparing with the decorations. We went for a few big baubles and our usual ornaments we’ve collected on our travels. We didn’t use any tinsel because we didn’t think the tree needed it.

Where do you get your decorating inspiration from?

We travel a lot and we’re always looking for souvenirs to bring home. But because of luggage restrictions, we can’t bring back anything too big. Years ago we decided to look for things we could put on our Christmas tree and to decorate it with our memories. Christmas is the perfect time of year to look back on the good times. It might not be the traditional way to decorate a tree, but it makes us happy.

Do you have special techniques when decorating a tree?

Usually we start by putting on the lights, but we didn’t need to do that with this tree. Such a relief! With decorations, it’s important to balance them throughout the tree. It looks weird if you’ve got too many in one spot. Keep the larger decorations at the bottom of the tree too. Because we’ve got a mix of regular decorations and unusual ones, we try to spread them out. Most people don’t realize there’s a margarita cocktail shaker or a London cab in the tree until they start looking closer!

How would you describe your finished look?

I think we’ll call this one classically eclectic! It certainly has a lot of wonderful memories we’ve collected from all over the world. It’s full of the romance of life.

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