Jennifer Griffin

Jennifer Griffin lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her husband and two sweet little girls. Her home is her hobby and she enjoys blogging all about her home and family at Dimples and Tangles, where her posts focus on decorating and design, DIY, food, crafts, travel, and a good thrift store makeover here and there.

Tree of Treasures and Memories

How tall is your tree?
My tree is around 9 feet tall, but I have adapted the base so that it sits in a planter urn rather than the original stand. The urn probably added a few inches to the height, but the thing I like most is that there is more clearance under the tree for all of the presents!

What mix of ornaments did you use for this tree? 
I am a sucker for sparkly ornaments! I have a set of green sparkly beaded ornaments, mini disco mirrored ball ornaments, gold mirrored starbursts, golden pinecones and reindeer, and shiny metal birds. I love how glass ornaments also catch and reflect the tree lights. I also used some large beaded floral stems, where the petals of the flowers spread out and mix in with the ornaments around them. Although I didn’t on this particular tree, I also love to use feathers (pheasant or peacock) and branches sticking out randomly in the tree. Oh, and fruit! Grapefruit is fabulous to add to a tree! Just slice one up and hang it right on. It will dry as it hangs there and make your tree smell wonderful in the process.

How many ornaments did you use to achieve that look?
Oh, that’s a tough question. I’ve never really counted them! I do have 6 or 7 sets that I have a dozen of, so that’s around 80, and then there are many more random ornaments filling in the gaps. I would guess somewhere around 130-150.

How much garland/ribbon did it take to cover the tree?
For this tree, I chose to use a garland of gold beads. Since I arranged them in a draping pattern, I believe it took between 50-75 feet of beading. I felt like this look gave the tree a little bit of a vintage look, which I really liked.

How did you decide on the decorating theme of your tree?
For this Christmas season, I chose a palette of black, white, green, and metallics in my home, so I carried that over for my tree decorations as well. I used a few favorite ornaments with other colors, but for the most part the metallic tones were highlighted on the tree.

Is there a story on a signature ornament you’d like to share with us?
No, I don’t really have any extra special ornaments (other than the ones my kids make!). However, my absolute favorites are a set of vintage frosted glass icicles and a set of colorful glass ornaments that look like hard candies.

Is there something different you did for this tree that you particularly like?
My favorite ornament additions this year were the large “photo frame” ornaments that I made. I used silver metal serving trays from the dollar store, and printed out some of my favorite 8×10 family photos. They were almost the perfect size to glue to the center of the tray, and after using hot glue to attach a ribbon loop hanger on the back, they really stood out on the tree. And, it’s fun seeing photos from past Christmases right on the tree!

Also, my tree “skirt” was a favorite element this year. Rather than a traditional skirt, I used 3 small faux sheepskin rugs. I love the cozy texture and warmth it added around the base of the tree.

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