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Christmas Lodge-Themed tree

How tall is your tree? 
7 feet.

What mix of ornaments did you use for this tree? 
I was looking for a very eclectic, collected look, so I began by mixing two different garlands: a gold tinsel garland and one I made by stringing cinnamon sticks and wood beads. After that, I added a wide variety of ornaments. I wanted some color, so I added a lot of colored, vintage ball ornaments. I also wanted rustic texture, so I added wooden ornaments and woodland animal ornaments. For some texture, I added some DIY ornaments with plaid wool fabric that I created.

How many ornaments did you use to achieve this look?
I went for a very ornament-heavy look, making sure to hang ornaments toward the center of the tree and the outside for a textured tree. I probably used 80-100 ornaments.

How much garland/ribbon did it take to cover the tree? 
I used three gold tinsel garlands that were each about 5 feet long. I made the cinnamon garland about 15 feet long as well.

How did you decide on the decorating theme of your tree?
I really wanted a unique tree that just reflected my style: rustic, bohemian, and eclectic. I wanted it to be collected and unique with lots of color and texture.

Is there a story on a signature ornament you’d like to share with us?  
My favorite part of this tree was the disco-ball topper! It was a large ornament from Hobby Lobby that we rigged with wire to top the tree. I wanted a sparkly topper that was unique and would tie my whole vision together. The disco ball definitely did that!

Is there something different you did for this tree that you particularly like?
To play up the overall bohemian feel that this tree has, I used a vintage woven throw wrapped around the base as the tree skirt. I love that it provides a little pattern, a pop of color, and some texture.

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