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Kennesha Buycks is the writer and owner of Restoration House Interiors blog and enjoys affirming and inspiring the creative passions and desires of others through inspirational writing, DIY, and design.

Before beginning her blog seven years ago, Kennesha was a full-time Public Relations Manager for a non-profit in San Antonio, Texas. During that time, she learned the invaluable skill of networking and honed her gift as a “connector” as she was given the opportunity to work closely with other organizations within the area while building strong programs to empower and effect change in the lives of at-risk youth.

A Vintage Charm

What mix of ornaments did you use for this tree? 
I love using all sorts of ornaments to create multiple dimensions, textures, etc. and to keep the eye moving with the tree. For this tree, I used tons of balls made of glass mixed with some plastic as well. I also used lots of glittered and natural elements like reindeer heads and tree branches. I love bringing a little bit of the outside in to add a bit more life to our trees.

How many ornaments did you use to achieve this look?
I used 50-75 ornaments on this tree. I love a full look but don’t like our Christmas trees to look cluttered. I find that using neutrals helps to achieve this simple, clean look without overcrowding and taking away from the overall look.

How much garland/ribbon did it take to cover the tree?
I used 4 spools of paper garland for this look (about 4-5 yards).

How did you decide on the decorating theme for this tree?
Each year, we have a different theme for our Christmas tree. This year, I wanted to incorporate a bit of vintage character. I added a lot of vintage-inspired elements, such as the tea-stained paper garland and vintage leather suitcases below the tree, vintage-inspired paper-wrapped gift boxes, and handmade vintage tin ornaments to add a bit more detail and whimsy.

Is there a story on a signature ornament you’d like to share with us?
One of the reasons I chose vintage for this year is that I have a lot of older ornaments that I’ve either collected while shopping at local thrift shops or others that I picked up from a stash from my grandmother’s old collection. To be honest, I love mixing old and new elements in my home and our decor. Doing so when decorating the tree was almost a no-brainer!

Is there something different you did for this tree that you particularly like?
Adding the authentic vintage and vintage-inspired elements to the tree had to be my favorite part. I love having conversation pieces on our trees and ornaments that are unique, and add charm and character.

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