DeAnna Luke

DeAnna Luke

DeAnna Luke is a native of the Pacific Northwest, and besides being a member of the media staff for radio personality, Delilah, she is also her sister.  She has a love for all things creative and always has an art project or 10 going. She can make a rose out of a paper bag and has never met an adhesive she didn’t like.  She has honed her decorating skills by organizing and implementing numerous charity benefit events, worked for a commercial decorator, and received training from the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle. Now a writer by trade, she can also weld your broken trailer hitch, due to a whim of fancy that led her to metal fabrication classes in another lifetime. She loved working with Balsam Hill and their wonderful representatives.

A Rustic Winter Wonderland Tree

Which Balsam Hill tree did you decorate and what feature did you like most about it?

I decorated the 9′ Noble Fir for radio personality Delilah’s studio. First of all, I loved the lighting system, the way the trunk acted as a conduit, so no plugs except the one into the wall socket – brilliant! I also appreciated how incredibly realistic the tree looks and how sturdy the boughs are. I didn’t break a single ornament, which is a testament to the strength of the branches!

What ornaments did you use to adorn the tree and garland? Did you have any particular favorites?

I used a variety of ornaments from Balsam Hill’s extensive collection, also a great many Red Berry and Faux Cotton picks, sparkly ribbon, and for the “Queen of Sappy Love Songs”, the large Music Notes wired ribbon bows.  The Snowhaven Collection was absolutely perfect for the natural elegant aesthetic I was going for, and the Woodland Collection provided more natural elements and a touch of whimsy, with the birds, squirrels, pinecones, and oversized acorns.

Where do you get your decorating inspiration from?

I grew up rurally, and spent most days of my youth outside. I’m very connected to nature and the natural world. I also had two sets of living grandparents until I was well into adulthood. The history and way of life they shared quite naturally influenced my love for timelessness and the importance of tradition.

Do you have special techniques when decorating a tree?

I like to “stuff” any gaps first. By this, I mean I use swaths of fabric, which could be cotton, gauze, netting, anything that coordinates with the theme. I cut or tear these into strips and push them into the tree towards the trunk, pinching, gathering, and spreading so that the tree looks very full before the first pick or ornament is placed.  For this tree, I honestly took an old  tablecloth that had a muted green and brown paisley print and ripped it into 6 long strips.  It worked perfectly!  After the “stuffing” I add picks, starting in the middle and working my way up, and then down. Next is the ornaments, and I finish with any big bows or embellishments.

How would you describe your finished look?

This tree says Winter Wonderland to me. The very natural elements, combined with the bright berry picks and the touches of sparkle and shine is like a magical forest scene.  Seattle is pretty far north, which means short dark days in the winter, and the twinkling lights really do lift spirits of those that pass by. I’ve observed the radio staff who nearly always pause next to the tree on their way to the break room. A smile appears as if by magic, because indeed, it is a magical tree!

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